JOY - Get Better Together

JOY - Get Better Together
Neustadlgasse 23
2103 Langenzersdorf

Über das Unternehmen

JOY - Get Better Together is a social network for personal growth.
We are a university spin-off that combines behavioural science (nudging, etc.), gamification, and social media. Through our concept, we lead (nudge) each person towards a better life.
In addition to winning the Entrepreneurship Avenue Crowd Award, we are also supported by the FFG, The Austrian Research Promotion Agency.
On the one hand, we are actively looking for new colleagues from the entire mobile app development area and, on the other hand, for investors who want to support highly scalable startups.

Art des Unternehmens: 
Community / Lifestyle, Mobile, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Data / Analytics, Gaming
Gesuchte Berufsfelder: 
Data Science, Design / UX, Development, IT, Testing / QA Engineering
Gesuchte Fachbereiche: 
Bildende Künste / Design, Informatik / IT


Manuel Gahn 
Co-Founder / CEO


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Neustadlgasse 23
2103 Langenzersdorf